Temperance – Tarot Card Meanings

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Tarot cards have long been used as a tool for divination and introspection. Each card holds its own symbolism and meaning, offering guidance and insight into various aspects of life. One such card is Temperance, which carries significant messages about balance, moderation, and harmony.

Temperance tarot card

Temperance: Tarot Card Meanings

In tarot readings, this card represents the blending of opposites, finding middle ground, and maintaining equilibrium. It signifies patience, moderation, and adaptability in facing challenges and navigating life’s ups and downs. When this card appears in a reading, it encourages individuals to seek balance and harmony in their actions and decisions.

Temperance Reversed

When this card appears reversed in a tarot reading, it may indicate imbalance, impatience, or a lack of moderation. It also suggests that the querent may be struggling to find harmony. In addition, in their life it may be experiencing conflicts due to extremes in behavior or emotions.

Temperance Reversed in Yes or No Readings

In yes or no readings, this card reversed typically suggests a need for caution. It may indicate that the querent should reconsider their approach or decisions before moving forward. This card advises against rushing into things and urges the individual to find balance and moderation before making a choice.

Temperance Reversed in Love Readings

In love readings, Temperance reversed may signal disharmony or discord in relationships. It could indicate issues related to communication, trust, or compatibility. This card advises individuals to work on finding common ground and resolving conflicts through patience and compromise.

Temperance Upright

When Temperance appears upright in a tarot reading, it signifies harmony, balance, and moderation. It suggests that the querent is in a state of equilibrium and is successfully blending opposing forces in their life. This card encourages individuals to continue practicing patience and moderation in all aspects of life.

Temperance Upright in Yes or No Readings

In yes or no readings, Temperance upright is often interpreted as a positive sign. It indicates that balance and harmony are achievable, and the querent is on the right path. This card suggests that patience and moderation will lead to favorable outcomes.

Temperance Upright in Love Readings

In love readings, the upright card generally symbolizes a harmonious and balanced relationship. It also suggests mutual understanding, respect, and compromise between partners. This card encourages individuals to nurture their connection through patience, communication, and understanding.

In conclusion, Temperance in tarot readings emphasizes the importance of balance, moderation, and harmony in life. Whether appearing upright or reversed, this card serves as a reminder to seek equilibrium. It blend opposing forces to achieve personal growth and fulfillment.

Other Interpretations

Temperance in tarot readings can offer insights into various aspects of life beyond its general meanings. Here are some interpretations of this card in different contexts:

Temperance as Feelings

When Temperance represents feelings in a tarot reading, it suggests a sense of balance, patience, and moderation. It additionally indicates that the individual may be experiencing a harmonious blend of emotions or seeking equilibrium in their emotional state.

Temperance Tarot Card: Advice

As advice, Temperance advises individuals to approach situations with patience, moderation, and balance. It encourages them to find middle ground, avoid extremes, and seek harmony in their actions and decisions.

Temperance Tarot Card: Career

In career readings, Temperance suggests the need for balance and moderation in the workplace. It encourages individuals to avoid overcommitting or rushing into decisions and to strive for a harmonious work-life balance.

Temperance Tarot Card: Health

Regarding health, Temperance signifies moderation and balance in physical and emotional well-being. In addition, it advises individuals to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, avoid excesses, and seek equilibrium in their health practices.

Temperance Tarot Future

When Temperance appears in readings about the future, it indicates a period of balance, harmony, and moderation ahead. It also suggests that the individual will navigate upcoming challenges with patience and grace, leading to positive outcomes.

Temperance Tarot Pregnancy

In readings related to pregnancy, Temperance symbolizes a balanced and harmonious journey to motherhood. It suggests that the individual will approach pregnancy with patience, moderation, and emotional stability.

Temperance Tarot as a Person

When representing a person, this card embodies qualities such as patience, adaptability, and moderation. This individual seeks harmony in relationships and approaches life with a balanced perspective.

Temperance Tarot Relationship

In relationship readings, this card signifies a balanced and harmonious partnership. It suggests mutual respect, understanding, and compromise between partners, leading to a fulfilling and stable relationship.

Temperance Tarot Outcome

As an outcome, this card predicts a favorable resolution characterized by balance, harmony, and moderation. In addition, it suggests that the querent will achieve their goals through patience, adaptability, and a balanced approach.

In summary, this card in tarot readings offers nuanced insights into various aspects of life. It also providing guidance and advice on achieving balance, moderation, and harmony in different situations.

Temperance Tarot Card Upright Card Keywords

  • Balance: Harmony and equilibrium in all aspects of life.
  • Moderation: Avoiding excesses and maintaining a balanced approach.
  • Harmony: A state of peaceful coexistence and unity.
  • Patience: Endurance and calmness in facing challenges.
  • Adaptability: Flexibility and openness to change.
  • Integration: Blending opposing forces or ideas to create synergy.
  • Healing: Restoration of emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • Spirituality: Connection to higher consciousness and inner wisdom.
  • Temperance: Exercising self-control and restraint.

Temperance Tarot Zodiac Sign


  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Positive Traits: Optimism, freedom, generosity
  • Negative Traits: Impulsiveness, restlessness, tactlessness

Under the influence of Sagittarius, Temperance generally embodies the qualities of expansiveness, exploration, and philosophical understanding. This zodiac sign also encourages individuals to seek balance through exploration and growth. And emphasizing the importance of wisdom gained through experience.

Temperance Tarot Symbolism

The Angel

In this card, an angel is depicted pouring liquid from one vessel to another. This also symbolizes the blending of opposites and the need for balance and moderation in life. The angel’s presence represents divine guidance and spiritual insight, reminding individuals to seek higher wisdom in their actions.

The Sun and Mountains

In the background of the card, there is typically a depiction of the sun rising between two mountains. The sun represents enlightenment, clarity, and vitality, while the mountains symbolize challenges and obstacles. Lastly, this imagery suggests that by maintaining balance and harmony, individuals can overcome difficulties and reach higher levels of awareness.

The Water

The flowing water between the vessels represents emotions, intuition, and the subconscious mind. The gentle flow of water signifies emotional stability and the need to remain grounded in the midst of change. It also reminds individuals to trust their intuition and navigate their emotions with grace and patience.

The Vessels

The two vessels being poured into each other symbolize the blending of opposing forces or elements. One vessel may represent the conscious mind, while the other represents the subconscious or spiritual realm. This imagery highlights the importance of integrating different aspects of the self to achieve inner harmony and balance.

The Pathway

In some depictions of the Temperance card, there is a pathway or bridge in the background. It leading to distant mountains or a horizon. This pathway represents the journey of life and the choices individuals make along the way. In addition, it symbolizes the need for balance and moderation in navigating life’s challenges and opportunities.

The Triangle

While in some tarot decks, the angel’s posture forms a triangle with its arms and body. The triangle is also a symbol of stability, balance, and manifestation. This imagery generally reinforces the message of the card. It also emphasizing the importance of finding equilibrium and grounding oneself in stability and inner strength.

The Colors

The colors used in the Temperance card also hold symbolic significance. Generally, the combination of blue and red often represents harmony between the mind and body. While yellow symbolizes clarity, optimism, and enlightenment. Finally, these colors reinforce the themes of balance, moderation, and spiritual growth portrayed in the card.

The Infinity Symbol

In some interpretations of the Temperance card, there is an infinity symbol above the angel’s head. This symbol represents eternity, continuity, and the interconnectedness of all things. Lastly, it reminds individuals that balance and harmony are ongoing processes, requiring constant attention and adjustment.

The Crown

While in certain tarot decks, the angel in this card wears a crown, symbolizing divine authority and spiritual sovereignty. This imagery also suggests that inner balance and harmony come from aligning with higher principles and accessing inner wisdom. In addition, it encourages individuals to recognize their own power and potential for spiritual growth and transformation.

Temperance Tarot Symbolism

Temperance Tarot Symbolism

Angelic Figure

In this card, an angelic figure pours water between two cups, symbolizing the blending of opposites.

Sun and Mountains

The presence of the sun and mountains signifies clarity, enlightenment, and overcoming obstacles.


The pathway represents the journey towards balance, moderation, and spiritual growth.

Triangle Symbolism

The triangle symbolizes harmony, stability, and the union of body, mind, and spirit.

Tarot in Numerology

Temperance Tarot Number

In numerology, This card is associated with the number 14, which reduces to 5 (1 + 4 = 5).

Numerological Meanings

The number 14 in numerology symbolizes balance, harmony, and transformation. It represents a stage where opposing forces come together to create equilibrium and facilitate personal growth. On the other hand, the number 5 signifies adaptability, change, and freedom. It suggests a period of transition and exploration, where individuals embrace flexibility and seek new opportunities for growth and self-expression.

Temperance Tarot Combinations

Judgement and Temperance Combination

When Judgement and Temperance appear together in a tarot reading, it signifies a significant period of spiritual awakening and transformation. This combination suggests that the individual is being called to integrate past experiences. And also reflect on their actions, and seek balance and harmony in their lives. It indicates a time of healing and renewal. Where the querent is urged to embrace their true calling and align with their higher purpose.

The Star and Temperance Combination

While the combination of The Star and Temperance in a tarot reading represents hope, inspiration, and renewal. This pairing suggests that the individual is on the right path towards healing and emotional fulfillment. It indicates a period of optimism and faith in the future. Where the querent is encouraged to trust in divine guidance and remain patient as they navigate challenges. This combination also reminds the querent to stay true to their dreams and aspirations, knowing that brighter days are ahead.

The Moon and Temperance Combination

When The Moon and Temperance appear together in a tarot reading, it symbolizes intuition, inner guidance, and emotional balance. This combination suggests that the individual may be experiencing a period of uncertainty or confusion. But is encouraged to trust their instincts and seek inner peace. In addition, it indicates a time of spiritual growth and self-discovery. Where the querent is urged to confront their fears and find equilibrium between the conscious and subconscious mind. Lastly, this combination reminds the querent to embrace the unknown and find strength in their inner wisdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Temperance mean in Tarot cards?

Generally, Temperance in Tarot cards represents balance, moderation, and harmony. It also signifies blending opposites, finding middle ground, and maintaining equilibrium in various aspects of life.

What symbolizes Temperance?

Temperance is symbolized by an angelic figure pouring water between two cups. It also representing the blending of opposites and the harmonious integration of conflicting forces.

What type of person is Temperance?

A person embodying the qualities of Temperance is patient, adaptable, and balanced. Moreover, they possess a harmonious and moderate approach to life, seeking equilibrium in all aspects of their being.

What does the 14 Temperance mean?

Generally, the number 14 associated with this card in Tarot symbolizes balance, harmony, and transformation. It also represents a stage where opposing forces come together to create equilibrium and facilitate personal growth.

What is the true meaning of temperance?

The true meaning of this card encompasses moderation, self-restraint, and balance. It involves exercising control over one’s impulses and maintaining a harmonious lifestyle.

Why is temperance good?

While this card is considered beneficial because it promotes balance, moderation, and harmony. It helps individuals avoid extremes and navigate life’s challenges with patience and grace.

What does the temperance tarot card mean in love?

While in love readings, this tarot card symbolizes harmony, patience, and compromise in relationships. It also suggests mutual understanding and balance between partners, fostering a stable and fulfilling connection.

What is the power of temperance?

The power of this card lies in its ability to bring balance and harmony into one’s life. In addition, it empowers individuals to navigate challenges with patience, moderation, and adaptability, leading to personal growth and fulfillment.

What flower symbolizes temperance?

While the iris flower is often associated with This card, symbolizing wisdom, balance, and faith. Its elegant beauty represents the harmonious blending of diverse elements, mirroring the qualities of This tarot card.

What are the 4 types of temperance?

The four types of temperance include physical (moderation in bodily desires), mental (restraint in thoughts and emotions), speech (control over words), and action (moderation in behavior).

Is temperance good or bad?

This card is generally considered positive as it encourages balance, moderation, and harmony. However, like any virtue, it can become negative if taken to extremes, leading to rigidity or stagnation.

What are the characteristics of the temperance card?

This card in Tarot is characterized by an angelic figure pouring water between two cups. In addition, it symbolizes balance, harmony, patience, moderation, and spiritual growth.

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